Other Lefty Websites

There are lots of other websites for and about lefthanders on the internet.  Many of them offer some good information, while many others are frivolous and a waste of time.  We will help sort the best from the rest.

Our five separate websites make it easy to find whatever you are looking for.​

Practical Products For Left-handers

left-handed scissors, spiral notebooks, other school/office supplies, left-handed can openers, peelers

and other kitchen utensils, hand tools/power tools, golf clubs, baseball gloves, computer products.

Novelty Items For Left-handers 

t-shirts/sweatshirts/other clothing items, pens, pencils, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, plaques, etc…

printed with slogans meant to create lefty pride and awareness, or to insult right-handed people. ​

​Lefthanders Place is a safe and comfortable and fun place for
lefthanded people and for parents and teachers of lefthanded children. ​

Lefthanders Newsletter

The Lefthanders Newsletter contains articles and information
on some of the most important topics affecting lefthanded people.

International Lefthanders Day         Real Famous Lefthanded People

The Education of Lefthanded Children         The History of Lefthandedness

Causes/Consequences of Being Lefthanded        Other Interesting Lefthanded Stuff

Lefthanded or Left-handed?

Is it lefthanded (one word) left handed (two words) or left-handed (hyphenated)?
Are we lefthanders or left-handers?  Are we studying lefthandedness or left-handedness?


Information For And About Lefthanded People

Left-handers In Sports

Read about the best left-handed athletes in our most popular sports,
and learn why so many other left-handed people do not participate in sports.

Left-handed Baseball        Left-handed Quarterbacks 

Left-handed Tennis        Left-handed Golf        Left-handed Bowlers

     Left-handers in Other Sports        Left-handers Not in Sports