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This little-known holiday was first declared and celebrated on Friday, August 13, 1976 in Topeka, Kansas, by an organization called Lefthanders International.  They chose to open their business on that day to attract publicity and address the myths, misconceptions, and superstitions about lefthandedness.  They made a good effort to help lefthanded people and make life easier for lefthanders.  They published their Lefthanders Magazine for over 20 years before going out of business, and they deserve credit as early leaders in the Lefthanders Awareness Movement.​

Lefthanders In Sports

Read about the best lefthanded athletes in our most popular sports,
and learn why so many other left-handed people do not participate in sports.

Products For Left-handers

Learn about the lefthanded products that are available, and find current sources for them.


A Safe and Comfortable and Fun Place for Lefthanded People

Lefthanded Baseball

The 2021 MLB Season is underway and lefthanded batters and lefthanded pitchers are leading the way

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Lefthanders Place is more than just a website, it is a state of mind.

​​It is a place where lefthanders can learn from and learn about other lefthanded people,

and share some common frustrations about being lefthanded in a right-handed world,

and make life a little bit easier and more enjoyable for the next generation of lefthanders.