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The best lefthanded golfers of all time are...

Bob Charles, Russ Cochran, Phil Mickelson,
Mike Weir, Steve Flesch, Bubba Watson

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The best lefthanded quarterbacks of all time are...

Ken Stabler, Jim Zorn, Boomer Esiason, 
Steve Young, Mark Brunell, Michael Vick

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The best lefthanded tennis players of all time are...

Rod Laver, Jimmy Connors, Martina Navritolova, 
John McEnroe, Monica Seles, Rafael Nadal.

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​​​Lefthanders in Sports

Many lefthanded athletes have succeeded at the highest levels of all professional sports... 
more of them from the 1960's to the early 2000's than any other time.

Prior to that time...there were occasionally lefthanders who played and succeeded.
During that time...more lefthanders played and some became dominant players in their sports,
​Now...only in baseball are lefthanders well represented, and there are very few lefthanded quarterbacks, lefthanded tennis champions, or lefthanded golfers at the top of their games.​