Information For And About Lefthanded People

Some of our readers have commented that we sometimes spell the word “lefthanded” as one word with no hyphen, but other times we use the hyphenated version of the word “left-handed”. 

Most of our pages do use “lefthanded” and also use “lefthanders” and lefthandedness”, but some pages do use “left-handed”, “left-handers” and left-handedness”

There is no clear rule of grammar saying whether "lefthanded" or "left-handed" or even "left handed" (as two separate words) is the correct usage.  Many believe that "left-handed" is correct, but people have gotten lazy and "lefthanded" is easier and therefore more common.   

All of this might seem frivolous, but it matters because you can get different search engine results depending on how you spell "lefthanded" or "left-handed" or "left handed"

So we randomly use "lefthanded" or "left-handed", and “lefthanders” or left-handers" and lefthandedness” or left-handedness" at various places on our websites so that all versions lead to us.

Whether you consider yourself "lefthanded" or "left-handed" or "left handed" , we are glad that you found us.

Left-Handed or Lefthanded?